It's important to us that you understand what your donation to ECHO really means to the children at CENIT.   Although we're a small, volunteer team, we are proud of the work that we've done thus far.  To date, we have raised over $60,000 to support the education of working street children in Ecuador.

To put it in perspective, $706 pays for a month of a teacher's salary.  $40 helps pay for a child's expenses to attend school at CENIT, and have a chance at a better life. 

Fundraising Efforts

In 2008, our first year of fundraising, we raised $9,170.

In 2009, we raised $11,537.99

In 2010, we raised $11,728.91

This paid for a social worker's salary, 3 kids in Adopt a Dream, partial salary for a primary school (ESTAR) teacher, about 400 school lunches, and some money for computer repair.

In 2011, we raised $11,953.54

In 2012 we raised $6,553.94.

In 2013 we raised $4,441.00.

In 2014 we raised $7,625.32. 

This paid for 9.5 months of a teacher's salary, 9 months of bonificación for a teacher, and a few administrative expenses for CENIT.

In 2015 we raised $10,307.27.